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This is the comic web page of Austere comics. They are the creation of Mike Fuller of Mississippi. Most of the heroes were actually created in the late 1970's; but never released in any format. It is here around 40 years later that they are now being seen for the first time. Please enjoy.

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I am Mike Fuller.

The Changeable the Why OOmia The Sea King Zombie

First Four complete released issues

The Changeable Battles the Why highlights two of my heroes who will continue in separate series. The Changeable is a former molecular biologist who, after an explosion in her lab, discovers she can control her molecules to the extent  of being able to change herself into almost any matter. The Why is a more enigmatic hero whose expressed purpose is to search for the meanings of existence. While the two initially fight, they are reconciled to their mistake at the issue’s end.

Clash of Giants introduces my hero, OOmia, who battles the villain, Android Supreme. OOmia is a ten foot near indestructible man from the island of Samoa in Polynesia. Android Supreme is a ten foot synthetic lifeform of shrouded  origins who is powerful like OOmia but also capable of an array of abilities designed into his form.

The Sea King is a story from a per-historic age when Atlantis would have still existed. It concerns a race call Seafarers who are amphibious people ruled by their powerful Sea King. They regard humans with scorn referring to them  as the ‘age of men’. In the first issue, the Sea King has been killed by a man who cannot remember his name and keeps calling himself Sea King because he killed the former. The Seafarers make several efforts to kill this new Sea King because they do not want  an “age of man” as their Sea King; but their efforts fail continuously.

Zombie is the story of a man killed by two thugs who deliver his body to the laboratory of a government experiment investigating the possibility of a ‘Zombie Apocalypse’. The experiment goes awry when this man awakens as a zombie  but the lab is also destroyed killing several. In the aftermath of the lab clean up, the government remains unaware of the Zombie who survived the destruction and encounter him as the issue ends.


Time Stream Arrameth Wakinyan Ohitike Black Viper

Four more issues yet to be completed and released

Time Stream is a story of a generic time traveler, called Transient Dispatch, who can telecommunicate to an unseen being called the Transmission Station. In the first issue Transient Dispatch has arrived on a world to kill a prehistoric  ancestor of a person who will become a horrible dictator on the planet, but soon after his arrival he is attacked with weapons as advanced as his own. He soon discovers it is his another self who has arrived to prevent him from doing the mission.

Arrameth the Beautician is the story of a young lady named Arrameth who on her first day as a beautician learns she had also been selected to be a protector of the galaxy. She is aghast and protests but this little matters to the  barbaric race called the Rhonthymians who are wanting to invade and she is forced to oppose them.

Wakinyan Ohitike tells the story of the self-named Native American Apache in the old American West who organizes an attack on a small western frontier fort called The Revelry. The attack fails but not before Wakinyan looses a hand  and falls into a hut vat of red liquid. When he later awakens, he discover his skin is a bright red like the liquid and he is invulnerable to which he vows vengeance; but time does not change for his powers.

Black Viper is the story of a martial artist named Jeremy Gileson who becomes involved helping the government track down a villain name Dr Ying. As he meets another hero, named the Creature, he learns all is not all it seems even  after Dr Ying and her cohorts were forced to flee.


Age of Gargoyles the Impossible the Revolter Xurm

Another four issues yet to be completed and released

The Age of Gargoyles takes place in a prehistoric age shortly after the great Battle of Luschen in which a race of reptiles and humans battled for predominance. One of the few survivors, named Ranwa, discovers another from the reptile  race named Gilia. They soon realize the futility of the great battle and that they were not what each thought. It is a loose union at the issue’s end with them hoping others may see their insight.

The Impossible is the story of a hero whose identity is Henry Rudman. In the issue he was on a plane trip where he was confronted by a lunatic villain named the Masked Murderer who intend to destroy the plane. Henry manages to change  into this costume and battles the Masked Murderer as the Impossible. It is a fight which takes them out of the plane where the bomb can be safely detonated but from which they are now plummeting to the ground far below and still fighting.

The Revolter is the story of a hero with an animal like appearance from which he often shuns people. In the issue, he battles a villain called Goldenrod who possesses a magical staff which grants him great powers. The fight is generally  a stand still when Goldenrod flees leaving the Revolter who also disappears rather than try to explain to the arriving police.

Xurm Warrior of an Unknown Realm is the story of the great warrior of the same name from an unknown realm. He battles the mysterious and powerful villain named the Cloak of Black Sorcery who want the Ever Sword which Xurm possesses.  Their fight continue and with the help of friends in this realm, Xurm is able to vanquish the Cloak.


Blood Suckers - The Creature - The Revelry - De Miedo

Another Four issues to be completed and released

Blood Suckers is the story of two vampire hunters named Dowinger Gustave and Vallena McPhilips who are trapped in a vampire coven at the issue open. In an all-night fight of which Dowinger spends much of it in an amorphous haze,  they do survive to the morning but discover some of the vampires were people dressed up as vampires. As they exit at the issue end, they are still perplexed by this dilemma.

The Creature is about the former government Agent X, Selenda Calhoun, who was transformed into the powerful Creature when she assassinated the father of Dr Ying. Unfortunately, the government wanted to more dissect her than help  her and she was forced to violently tender her resignation.

The Revelry is the story of highly trained and skilled agents during the American West era who received their abilities from the fort which several of them regard with disdain. With the introduction brief, they are soon confronted  with a renegade Republic intent on violently establishing itself where they are located.

De Miedo is the story of a woman pursued by some men in a rural area of Juarez Mexico who intend to rape and kill her. Unfortunately for them, a vigilante the villains fearfully call De Miedo intervenes allowing the woman to escape.  Later when some journalists return to the location they discover only one terrified assailant left alive and a frustrated police wanting to control the area. 


From the Log of Agent X Type The Changeable The Why

An additional 4 issues to be completed and released

From the Log of Agent X is the earlier life of Selenda Calhoun who while on  a morning jog is attacked by two men intent on killing her. However, as she is also Agent X, she quickly subdues the men and calls in the assault and that she is returning home where more of the attackers will likely be at. Another confrontation results in  more assailants’ deaths. Later in the evening, a sting operation results in the capture of more. The next day at a meeting Selenda learns on of the assailants was a formidable counter agent known as the Saturn Man.

Type is an unusual hero with an unusual origin from an Impossible issue. Type  is Tanav Yuen who was transformed in a failed experiment dealing with Kinetic energy. His powers are powerful with flight and power blasts and other abilities which can emotionally move across the portal of time.

The Changeable is her first solo issue and after she dramatically stops  a terrorist from killing some people, she recognizes a nearby abandoned theater which rekindles her memory. She remember the days when she was just Visarene Shautruse, an abandoned teenage girl protected by a fellow homeless teenager named Benoit. She remembered  the day tragedy took his life and left her in the custody of local authorities who placed her back in the school system where she, in memory of Benoit, pledged to do everything she could to succeed. Soon she had continued to college where she graduated with  honors and into the field of molecular biology. Unfortunately on a long night trying to cause results in her research, the laboratory was destroyed and she was transformed into the Changeable.

The Why is her first solo issue in which she meets a suicide attempt.  A man stands on a bridge prepared to kill himself. The Why is more curious about the behavior than understanding the deep depression he is in. her curiosity remains unchanged even after an officer arrives to talk the man down. Through her odd curiosity of  life and the officer’s entreaty, the man is soon pulled from the ledge. Later she and the officer continue discussing the situation and more aspects of existence.


Pink Slime After Time Witch Road Account Liberation

Four more issues to be later completed and released

Pink Slime is the first issue of a short series in which a food additive  into a prison’s meat product causes a blob-like monster to begin attacking everyone in the prison. It’s a race for panic as inmates and guards fight for their lives against a monster intent on consuming them. The chaos increases to the extent of the inmates  breaking into the armory and retrieving weapons for fight the monster. With fresh weapons the confront the monster in the prison infirmary hoping to stop it once and for all.

After Time is an unusual story about an unspecific world with strange  concern. At the issue’s open, the unnamed protagonist, has decided to abandon a cityscape left in ruins. Several other characters sadly watch him leave intent on remaining hoping things will become better for them. Sat the city’s edge he has an odd confrontation  in a thief who curses them for waiting so long to abandon the city that now all the other thieves have died. Outside the city, he encounters large monstrous beasts from which he has to flee. Avoiding one takes him to an edge with a strange view. Unable to  determine any other direction, he strives upward and is surprised by what he sees at the issue’s end.

Witch Road is a one-time issue from the youth of Dowinger Gustave of  the Blood Sucker series. It is the story of him and some teenage friends goading a younger fellow into riding in a truck with them onto a road called Witch Road which is purported to be the location of a real witch who will pursue them. While they are teasing  the younger fellow, everyone is suddenly terrified by a figure chasing after them. Screaming to drive faster, everyone is in a terrible panic. It is only after they have escape the road and whatever was chasing them that they realize the young fellow is lost  leaving only a single sneaker behind. Still much afraid, they toss the sneaker out of the truck and swear they will never speak of the incident again.

An Account of Liberation is one of the planned one-time issue stories.  It is the story of some women recently leaving a concentration camp near the closing of World War II. One of the women recalls the pain and prejudice of their long bondage and even the hate before it. She continues remembering while they wander somewhat aimlessly.  It is when they see a military vehicle they are apprehensive as to whether they should reveal they are Jews of not. In an impulse, the woman announces what they are and is touched by the deep empathy she hears in a soldier’s reply.